SallingPlast is one of the leading manufacturers of high-flow HDPE fittings, manifolds and other products for the aquaculture industry. In addition to components for onshore and offshore fish farming, we produce large items for drinking and wastewater pipes. Large electric welding saddles in sizes up to Ø2500, manifolds up to 18 meters in length, double-walled wells up to Ø3000 and specially designed components in any pressure class are produced at our factory in Hurup using the latest technology in cutting, CNC machining and joining/welding of the large items. Naturally, our products always comply with the latest standards.

Highest quality pressure pipes and fittings

Denmark is a pioneer in aquaculture, which today is a rapidly developing industry. At SallingPlast, we are at the forefront of the field, and thanks to our advanced pipe reduction and expansion technology, we offer solutions for high flow, reduced pressure loss and with a minimum of welding. Naturally, we meet increasing demands for large dimensions and increased quality requirements. We perform inspections, 3D scans and pressure testing as part of normal FAI before the parts are delivered to site to ensure quality and part suitability BEFORE delivery takes place. This provides our customers with exact measurements of the items before delivery and provides greater certainty in planning and installation.

Our aqua products are suitable for a wide range of applications:

  • High flow pipelines and manifolds
  • Tailor-made fittings
  • Extended reductions
  • Parts for fish farms
  • Vacuum fishing pumps
  • Fish separators
  • Oyster cages
  • Pump components
  • Suction funnels